May 2007 - July 2008

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3rd July 2008

Can't wait!



2nd July 2008




9th May 2008

Photo shoot at Late Late rehearsal, RTE.



8th May 2008

Brian Cowen becomes the new Taoiseach. Friends and relatives are very happy!



11th April 2008

Ronan's joiner!



27th February 2008

FILE: A Collection of Unexpected Photography have added one of my images to their collection. You can see it here.



21st February 2008

Uploaded some new notes including 'Visual and Other Pleasures' by Laura Mulvey and Realism and the Cinema edited by Christopher Williams. Thesis being reworked following feedback from Paul O'Brien. Needs more references to realist film theory. Thesis at 52.5k. Might create supplementary document to include scripts, storyboards and concept development design work.



15th February 2008

Andrew Tully has delivered the final version of the interactive flm 'The Little Extras'. This version runs as a stand-alone Director project.



6th February 2008

Now this is feedback!

Irish Professional Photographers Association has new images site.



29th January 2008

Saatchi Gallery.




23rd January 2008

Shooting reference shots for new film in Arigna, Co. Roscommon.



26th December 2007

St. Stephens Day!



25th December 2007

Happy Christmas!



20th December 2007




19th December 2007

Meeting with Paul O'Brien re thesis first draft. Next draft due in end of Jan.



15th December 2007

Back from Lusofona, Portugal. Prepped film project for 2008.



11th December 2007

Ongoing problems with H.264, Quicktime, AVI and Director projector to try and complete TLE..



23rd November 2007

Attended the Golden Spider Awards 2007 in the Burlington Hotel last night. was nominated for Best Education Website. Click on the banner below to view photos.




20th November 2007

Various options for making TLE interactive include Macromedia Flash, Macromedia Director, Smil and DVD menu.



15th November 2007

Working on cleaning up the audio of TLE. Managed to lose the timeline after 4hrs of editing. Had just exported uncompressed file though!



8th November 2007

Uploaded notes on 'Everything you always wanted to know about Lacan... But were afraid to ask Hitchcock.' edited by Slavoj Zizek.

Final rendering of TLE taking time due to positioning of ENs. The computer cannot play PN and EN together without being rendered, but they cannot be positioned if they cannot be played. Will need to render our extremely low-res versions of both PN and ENs to position, then conform high-res uncompressed clips to the selected positions. Also, ENs now have 10sec feeders attached to them at the beginning to act as a reference to their content, this will act as the 'selection' period for the audience, if the feeder ends without the clip being clicked on, the EN clip will fade out. Dave Walker has taken clips to start working on them in Flash.



31st October 2007

Happy Halloween!



11th October 2007

Welcome Pearce Declan. Click on the image for more photos.



5th October 2007

Uploaded notes in Research on 'Unheard Melodies' by Claudia Gorbman.



4th October 2007

Uploaded notes in Research on 'Film as Art' by Rudolf Arnheim.

Rendering of 'The Little Extras' slow. PN takes 5hrs to render and some glitches have lead to PN needing to be rendered again and again. Mainly trying out some new grading options. Audio was not rendering properly, must have missed a track when exporting. The screen has been letterboxed a little.



30th September 2007

Happy Birthday Airt!

Rendering final edit of 'The Little Extras'. Thesis at 42k.



14th September 2007

Killarney, Co. Kerry. Congratulations to Catherine and Richie!



6th September 2007

Testing the Mamiya 330 in Arigna.

Thesis at 35k.



4th September 2007

'Epiphanies on Film' has appeared in's The Sewer Chewer Issue 24. Thesis at 30k.



30th August 2007

Shot video and stills at The Bamboo Sessions in The Sugar Club, Leeson St.. Click on the image below for more pics. Videos of the night available here.
Thesis at 25k.



28th August 2007

'You Gotta Eat!' has been published in the newsletter. Thesis at 23k.

Underground passage, Rockingham Estate, Lough Key, Boyle - 26th August.



16th August 2007

Back to transcribing text from Research Notes into actual thesis. These will be indentified by strikethrough font. Thesis at 20k words.



15th August 2007

Some new notes in Research on Clive James 'North Face of Soho.'



4th August 2007

This image won a Silver medal at the Irish Professional Photographers Association judging on Monday last. It's shot from a bridge in Geneva. Thanks to Ricky Stevens for some great editing work on the images submitted.



2nd August 2007

The second article on film is published here and is titled "Epiphanies on Film.' It looks at epiphany moments in films where characters come to a 'sudden realisation' and the direction of the story changes.

'Epiphanies on Film'



1st August 2007

This guy was down on Sandymount Strand doing a sun dance!



16th July 2007

Started working on a series of articles about film and new media. The first is published here and is titled "You Gotta Eat!' It looks at how characters need to eat on screen to satisfy the basic requirements of their audience. If a character does not eat or drink something in a film, they do not seem human and we cannot identify with them.

'You Gotta Eat!'



7th July 2007




19th June 2007

This site has been featured on the front page of Gomma V4 portal on Photography, Visual Arts and Design.



16th June 2007

Finished video shoot for EBU in Geneva.



7th June 2007

2 photographs have been accepted for the Dazed and Confused curated travelling exhibition 'This is Wanted.' You can see the photographs here



1st June 2007

Completed shoot for OutTraveler.