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22nd May 2007

'At Debt's Door' has reached no. 5 in the top ten films on the thereelshow.biz website.



16th May 2007

Photoshoot for New York magazine The OutTraveler in the Front Lounge, Dublin.



7th May 2007

One of the scenes from 'The Little Extras' has been accepted into 'The Secret' competition on the website Filmaka.com.

Uploaded some notes on 'If It's Purple, Someone's Gonna Die: The Power of Color in Visual Storytelling' by Patti Bellantoni.



30th April 2007

New photo essay titled 'Amsterdam' in the Photography section.



23rd April 2007

Added new photo essay titled 'LondonParis' in the Photography section.



3rd April 2007

Near Keadue.



13th February 2007

Presented my research relating to 'The Little Extras' interactive film at NCAD 25th January. Part of series of post graduate presentations chaired by Prof. Niamh O'Sullivan Head of Visual Culture.

Working on the thesis to go along with 'The Little Extras'. Uploaded chapters [Spatial Montage, Film as Database, and Music in Film] to the secure area of the site.

Looking at various spatial montage layouts including having the primary narrative full-screen and the embedded narratives subscreens inside it.



17th December 2006

The 'Blog' section is now called the 'Diary'. Much better.

Dubbed 'The Little Extras' Scene 2 with Esther and Jill last week. Now exporting scenes at different compression rates. Will upload a scene later today.

19.35hrs. Here it is. Embedded Narrative 11. Martha asks Gerry if he needs any 'little extras!'. Click on the image below. It takes a while to download.



11th December 2006

Uploaded notes on Andrey Tarkovsky's 'Sculpting In Time' in the Research Notes section.



29th November 2006

Finalising the edit of 'The Little Extras'. Doing some experiements with the colour to desaturate it and make it look colder. The image on the right below is made of two layers of the same image. The bottom layer is high contrast black and white. The top layer is colour with opacity set to 60%.

Desaturated (colder) look


18th November 2006

Added Tadhg's stlls of 'The Little Extras' shoot in the Research section.



13th November 2006

Dubbed all of Mr Jacob's and Sarah's dialogue from 'The Little Extras'. Most of the foley work is completed.

I have added a secure area to the site using Helm Control. This will be used for uploading thesis as it is being written. I will upload the thesis to the general area of the site when it is finished. I removed the trailer for 'The Little Extras'.



9th November 2006

Tenacious D have 'rocked this site!'. Click here to see more!

Also, new notes added on 'The Digital Dialectic - New Essays on New Media' edited by Peter Lunenfeld.



1st November 2006

Delivered the paper at the conference in Portugal on friday last. Some images of Lisbon below taken over the last few days.



23rd October 2006

I have uploaded the paper “Protection of the Intellectual Property in the Film Industry: the Irish case” in Research Notes. You can view it as pdf here.

Here is a shot taken early yesterday morning of Arigna, Co. Roscommon. Click on the image to enlarge.



18th October 2006

New notes uploaded in Research Notes on 'Kino-Eye : The Writings of Dziga Vertov' by Dziga Vertov edited by Annette Michelson.

Working on final edit of all scenes in 'The Little Extras', adding sound effects and foley. Some dubbing to be done later in the week.



27th September 2006

The film title has been changed from 'The Last Hurrah' to 'The Little Extras'. This line is used several times during the film and is more descriptive of the story in general. It also references the 'extra' perspectives available when the audience interacts with the story.



25th September 2006

The latest Concern ad to promote the Millenium Development Goals has been completed. This ad deals with MD6. The concept and storyboard are by Eamon Grey. I shot the visuals using the fig rig, post production completed at NMTC. Click on the image below to view the ad.

Researching the paper for Portugal conference in Intellectual Property. Interviewees include Stephen Murnane (PirahanaBar), Graeme Kelly (DV4), Mark Byrne (Irish Film Board) and Kevin Quinn (ServeCast).



13th September 2006

I will be delivering a paper at The Economics of Intellectual Property and New Media conference at Universidade Lusófona Lisbon, Portugal on 27th of October 2006. The paper is titled - Case Study – “Protection of the Intellectual Property in the Film Industry: the Irish case”. Further details on the conference available here.



11th September 2006

New 'Last Hurrah' poster up in the Research section. I tried to use the spatial montage layout.



4th September 2006

Uploaded notes on 'On Film-making' by Alexander Mackendrick.

Jason has finished the rough edit of all the Embedded Narratives. Will try viewing the whole piece as spatial montage before completing edit. Much of the audio has to be dubbed. I am considering allowing Sarah to have voiceover during the intro scene in the old couple's house. Might also give the Mrs Jacob a german accent.



2nd September 2006

Uploaded notes on 'Composing for the Films' by Theodor Adorno and Hanns Eisler in the Research Notes section.

Jason has completed the rough edit of the Primary Narrative of 'The Last Hurrah'.



23rd August 2006

PhotoBistro has published the photo essay 'Sachsenhausen' online. It is available here.



22nd August 2006

Uploaded notes on 'Hamlet on the Holodeck. The Future of Narrative in Cyberspace' by Janet H. Murray in the Research Notes section.



19th August 2006

Moorlands Equestrian Centre, Drumshambo is right beside Sheridan's Guesthouse!



16th August 2006

Working on the spatial layout of the 'The Last Hurrah'. A black background will be too distracting to the embedded narratives. Clean lines with fixed horizontal lines seems to work best. Vertical lines are flexible.

Have also uploaded notes on Italo Calvino's 'If on a Winter's Night a Traveller' in the Research Texts section. This novel was written in 1979 and each chapter forces the reader to reassess who is reading the novel and whose actions are being read about. The novel seems to begin again and again with each chapter as the previous text is subsequently assessed from another perspective.



15th August 2006

Last holiday / caravan photograph! Also including one of a traffic jam in Roscommon!



30th July 2006

Moving on to another plush joint (caravan) in Arigna! Took some shots at Drumcliffe graveyard (where W B Yeats is buried) and also St. Jame's Well national school (founded 1893 - closed for some years).



27th July 2006

Rosses Point, Co.Sligo.



25th July 2006

This is the Sheridans Guesthouse in Drumshambo, Co. Leitrim! A bit compact but the service is excellent! Click on the image to enlarge.



17th July 2006

Did some compression tests using Quicktime codec H.264 to make the films playable on PSP and iPod. The quality and file size reduction are excellent. Views on addictingclips.com have reached over 2000 in 3 weeks.

The image below is of some students working on a short in the college yesterday morning.



10th July 2006

I am looking at online film sites to distribute 'The Last Hurrah'. Myspace.com has about 90 million users and even review site Joblo.com is on there now. I have put up a basic page here.



30th June 2006

After just over 1 week 'At Debt's Door' has been viewed 500 times and the 'Concern Ad' has been viewed 1200 times on www.addictingclips.com

Found a great book on the making of 'Sin City'. It's called 'Frank Miller's Sin City. The Making of the Movie' by Frank Miller and Robert Rodriguez. It gives some excellent details on the translation of a graphic novel to film.



20th June 2006

I have uploaded the Concern ad and 'At Debt's Door' to a couple of online film sites to see what the hit rate would be like. www.addictingclips.com has resulted in the ad and short film being viewed about 700 times in 2 days. The result was much less for Google Video.



10th June 2006

Read the book 'The Sound I Saw' by the photographer Roy De Carava. He hand made the book in 1961 as a prototype of 'the printed equivalent of jazz'. It was not published until 2001. It features his black and white photos of jazz musicians and Harlem locations juxtaposed with his own evocative poetry. Perhaps 'The Last Hurrah' could be described as a film equivalent of jazz where the interacting viewer, like the audiences of jazz music, are physically part of the performance through their syncopated dance and movements.



9th June 2006

The NMTC Student Showcase was held last night at the Sugar Club. There was about 350 in the audience and the students showed photography, films, live theatre, music and interactive media. We launched the Concern ad as well.

Spent the day shooting green screen promo footage for The Work with Heart. Needs some more scenic shots for background use. Will be using the DV Matte Pro software to key out the green screen.



31st May 2006

Uploaded new notes in Research on the book 'Music and the Mind' by Anthony Storr.

Final meeting for this academic year with NCAD supervisors Kevin Atherton and Dr. Paul O'Brien took place last week.

Looking at publishing some photographic work titled 'Sites of Memory' using several of my photo essays. Christine Redmond is looking at writing some preliminary text to get this project going.



17th May 2006

Uploaded a new photo essay titled 'Mauritius' in the Photography section. The Concern ad will be launched at the NMTC student showcase on 8th June.



5th May 2006

The May/June issue of Film Ireland magazine reports that 'The Last Hurrah' has finished shooting! Diarmuid has synched up all the footage and I have viewed the rushes. The underwater housing comes into shot a bit in the Mauritius shoot. Apart from that it looks great. I am going to do a rough edit of each scene, add foley, effects and music, then look at the spatial order of the scenes when juxtaposed.

I am also working on a new photo essay of shots I took at the Champs de Mars in Mauritius. The last photo essay I uploaded 'One Day in Geneva' got a lot of feedback on leica-users.org with many comments on the lack of typical Switzerland images in the essay and the 'informal' and 'casual' look of contemporary photography. The best comment on 'Geneva' was from b. d. colen - '...where's the architecture, where are the churches, where are the people, where are the signs, where are the cows...'

In the meantime here are some shots from the Turf Club at the Champs de Mars!