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21st May 2020

Currently collaborating with sonic artist Claire Fitch @ambientcellist on a photosonic artwork called 'SFBookDraft1' - a
multi-platform piece of electronic literature which we are smearing across Twitter, Soundcloud, YouTube, Flikr,
Twitch, Instagram and Wordpress.


20th June 2018

Book launch invitation. 27th June 6pm. Hodges Figgis, Dawson St., Dublin. Hope to see you there.



20th April 2018

Interactive Narratives & Transmedia Storytelling: Creating Immersive Stories Across New Media Platforms
published by the Taylor & Francis Group, New York - April 2018.
Further info available at


6th Jan 2017

Latest article - 'Digitising Consciousness - the Digital U' - published in Cahier Louis-Lumière n°10. You can download
it here (French only). English version is available here.



20th May 2016

The Elocution Room.



19th September 2015

New article published in Paris, France - 'The Construction of a Graduate Identity: Data-Mining the Student Archive' in
Cahier Louis-Lumière n°9 : Mémoires d’écoles / Audio-visual archives and Memory in Schools
by Ecole Nationale Louis Lumiere.



9th October 2013




9th June 2013

'Singularitas' is not really a short film, it's a 'concept-based narrative.' The visualisation of a blend of theories and predictions
based on Ray Kurzweil's writings on the 'Singularity' and Friedrich Nietzsche's theory 'The Eternal Return.' The original version was
in Romanian, Croatian, Yoruba and Chinese only. I wanted to blend a variety of languages together, so the audience would need a digital
translation tool to understand the film's narrative. This in itself, was a reference to the fact that pervasive computing will make English
the last lingua-franca. In the future, languages we have never learned will be translated for us 'on-the-fly.

'Singularitas' page is here.



6th June 2013

Gave Keynote Address 'Future Distribution & Interface Technologies' at Media Desk Ireland & Broadcasting Authority Ireland
Industry Breakfast in Fallon and Byrne, Dublin.



30th May 2013

Juliette and Paul's wedding in Kildare.



24th May 2013

Pearce in the back garden. Camera testing the Mamiya C330.



5th May 2013

'Singularitas' is locked and ready for festival submission. Follow the short film on Twitter @Singularitas_



31st Oct 2012

Halloween night with Spiderman @ the Barbican, London.



8th Sept 2012

Presented paper at 'Alphaville Inaugural Conference, 2012 Cinema in the Interstices', University College Cork.



4th Jul 2012

Dinner in Nice. Pearce makes a friend.

  Nice 2012  


2nd Apr 2012

Presented paper at 'Discourse, Power, Resistance: Impact 12' conference at the University of Plymouth.



17th Feb 2012

London visit. Walk along the Thames.

  Pearce in London by the Thames 2012  


1st Jan 2012

Kilronan Castle.



29th Oct 2011

Went to Birmingham for Halloween weekend. Took the early morning Virgin train to London on Monday for meeting with London Met Uni.



17th Oct 2011

This month at NMTC - 11 full-time & 6 part-time courses starting and we have just been approved by London Metropolitan University to
deliver 6 Masters Degrees.



12th Sep 2011

Shelagh Ward from The Yorkshire Craft Centre has written an article about my lecture at the British Science Festival -read it here. The lecture was
titled ‘How new media technology impacts on communication, story-telling traditions, senses of place and identity in emerging nations.’



7th Aug 2011

I'll be speaking at the British Science Festival 2011 - Faster Than the Speed of Light event 11th September at the Bradford College University Centre.
The brochure is available here.


20th Jul 2011

We have landed in New York during a heatwave!110 degrees and 40% humidity!



14th Jul 2011

The Esther Doorly Theatre School site has gone 'live'.



7th Jul 2011

Assembling top-notch visual effects and musical score team for 'The Singularity' short. Footage has all been shot. Inspiration coming from Philip Glass and Chris Marker.



7th Jun 2011

Working on multilingual short film dealing with the Eternal Return / Singularity - in Romanian, Croatian, Yorùbá and Chinese.



2nd Apr 2011

Fionn - captain of the rugby team.


29th Mar 2011

Paris-based architect Susie Murphy Hemsworth has written an article in her blog about our new kitchen table - made from the wood of a pirate ship!


28th Mar 2011

Hope that the new Education Minister Ruairi Quinn will tackle the Irish education quangos. There is too much waste in this sector where rampant cronyism
prevents real talent and innovation from coming through. Typical HETAC remark to me "You see, we know what you have to do,
but we can't tell you what you have to do!"



16th Mar 2011

Pearce on the Tube, London.



1st Mar 2011

EE visit to Leeds City College.



22nd Feb 2011

Meeting at London Met Uni, Whitechapel, London.



18th Feb 2011

Teaching today at the Aislinn Education and Support Centre for Survivors of Institutional Abuse, Jervis St.. An excellent organisation that is doing very important work.



3rd Feb 2011

External Examination at Bradford College, UK. Great photography by some very motivated and enthusiastic students.

  Manchester airport train station Manchester airport


8th Dec 2010

Gave first lecture this morning in Trinity College Dublin. "Spatial Montage in Film." On the way home later it was absolutely freezing in St Stephen's Green.



2nd Dec 2010

The lads have built an igloo just outside our house. It's quite warm inside.



30th Nov 2010

View from our office in NMTC. Temperatures getting colder.

  Office Harcourt St  


16th Nov 2010

Misty morning at Leeds-Bradford airport. Visiting Bradford College.

  Leeds-Bradford airport  


30th Oct 2010

Halloween party at The Harlequin vintage clothes shop, Dublin.



29th Sept 2010

Back to Birmingham after 11 years. Met Tadhg for lunch in New St. A lot of walking - Bull Ring, Custard Factory(Digbeth), Colmore Row, Corporation St. and Central Library.

  Birmingham 2010  


28th Sept 2010

Gave lecture titled 'Interactive Film: Extending Narrative Perspectives' to highly engaging group at CADRE - Centre for Art & Design Research & Experimentation at the University of Wolverhampton.

  Wolverhampton Railway Station  



15th June 2010

Student showcase at the London Metropolitan University, Whitechapel, London.



9th June 2010

The European Broadcasting Union have put up the corporate video and logos we created for them here.

  EBU Corporate Video  


3rd June 2010

Pearce in the 'new' back garden.



23rd May 2010

Sesquicentenary graduation year celebration in the quadrangle, Blackrock.



22nd May 2010

Sports Day at Willow.



4th April 2010

Easter Sunday egg hunt.



1st April 2010

Easter Thursday in Hartley's.



31st March 2010

Signed images, framed and hanging in Lincoln, UK.



17th Mar 2010

St. Patrick's Day in the back garden.

  Pearce in back garden, St. Patrick's Day  


2nd Mar 2010

Mask Series.

  Mask Series  


18th Feb 2010

Arigna mine.

  Arigna mine  


31st Dec 2009

New Year's Eve in Arigna.



25th Dec 2009




21st Nov 2009

Pearce's party. Arigna.

Floods on the way to Arigna.



2nd Nov 2009

Graduation day.



16th Oct 2009

The LX3 is here.



15th Oct 2009

Electricity has just gone off everywhere.



11th Oct 2009

Pearce's 2nd. Mao's.



30th Sept 2009

Airt's 8th. Starbucks.



26th Sept 2009

The Gables - mini-joiner.



20th Sept 2009

The inaugural meeting of the 'Culture Club' took place last night. The 101 Talbot St, The Gate (Faith Healer), The Gresham and The Westbury.



12th Sept 2009

Presented paper “Interactive Film: Extending Narrative Perspectives” at "Re-Imagining Computer Games An Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference", UCD.



2nd Sept 2009




9th Aug 2009

Back from France.



26th July 2009

Fionn's 11th birthday at Restuarant La Brouette de Grand'Mere, Rue d'Oran, Cannes.



8th July 2009

Another one.


Road from newmedia on Vimeo.




28th June 2009

New ad for NMTC.


Dish from newmedia on Vimeo.




23rd June 2009

Facebook group created for NMTC.



20th June 2009 has had an update. New 'Work' section added.



16th June 2009

Happy Bloomsday!

"I fear those big words, Stephen said, which make us so unhappy." Ulysses

Esther & Kelly. York Rd., Edgbaston. 1989.



31st May 2009

Hot Bank Holiday weekend in Arigna.



27th April 2009

All Research Notes have been moved to a secure area of the site.



4th April 2009

Esther shot with ring flash.